Northern Alameda County
Amateur Radio Emergency Services
   Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services   
    Mission — Our mission is to provide civil emergency communication services when requested by our customers the cities of Albany and Berkeley, CA; The University of California, Berkeley; and Alta Bates Hospital. All licensed amateur radio operators are invited to join us.
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    Meetings — NALCO meets on the first Thursday of each month at 19:30 local time at the Berkeley Fire Department Division of Training Alternate Emergency Operations Center 997 Cedar Street (between 8th and 9th Streets) or at locations announced on the nets. Please enter via the Cedar Street door. [ Map ]

NALCO ContactsDonations
2015 President KJ6TXA   Lynn Zummo
2015 Vice President KJ6VVJ   Bruce Carleton
2015 Secretary KK6MUN   Mark Nicas
2015 Treasurer KJ6AKJ   Jim Lunt
Emergency Coordinator / 
     RACES Radio Officer KG6UAE   Jordan Hayes
Asst. Emergency Coordinators      W0HAW   Stephen Friet
  K6GSE   Glen Epperson
  KD6WZY   George Nace
NALCO is a 501(c)(3) non-profit
organization. Your contribution is tax-deductible.
We accept donations via PayPal:
Or by check made out to NALCO and sent to:

NALCO ¤  P.O. Box 574 ¤  Berkeley, CA 94701
email: races-ro at

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NALCO frequencies and weekly nets
FrequencyOffset/ToneWeekly NetNotes
147.480N/A Simplex
224.900(-1.6Mhz) 131.8Thu 18:45Low-level ARES/RACES use (SECONDARY)
440.900(+5MHz) 131.8Thu 19:15Low-level ARES/RACES use (PRIMARY)
1285.55(-12MHz) 114.8 Low-level ARES/RACES use (RESOURCES)

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